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Ilha Comprida (Long Island) became independent in October 27, 1992, a very important date for those who knew that place before or the ones who live there. But a lot of things happened before its independence. The history of this city starts in the year of 1502, right after the Discovery of Brazil, when an adventurous man arrived after being expelled from Portugal, his is name is Cosme Fernandes. Fernandes was attacked by the Indians Tupis and held in captivity for a long time until when he got the trust of the Indian Chief.

Some time later, nobody knows exactly when, he married the Chief’s daughter, a beautiful Indian girl. Centuries later and until recently, to get to the island there was a Ferryboat that used to take about 15 minutes to cross to the other side, the island.

The view was wonderful while in the ferryboat, breath taking. Many passengers and many cars used to wait in line for about 2 hours or longer to be able to cross the river on the Ferryboat, but the feeling of liberty and at same time the greatness of that beautiful island that was right before their eyes was speechlessly touching. And for the joy of many people, but not willingfully missing the opportunity to make that short trip again using the ferryboat to cross from the City of Iguape to Ilha Comprida, in January of 2001 the Bridge Iguape-Ilha Comprida was concluded and opened to the public with the special presence of the Band Tchan, a famous band that plays Brazilian pagodes, and thousands of people together with the Mayor Decio Ventura e other representatives of the City Hall for its inauguration, starting then a new era for the tourism, business and development of Ilha Comprida ( Long Island ).

The name of Ilha Comprida, Long Island, was derived from its own two meaningful words, long island, for its 74 km of extension and it is recognized now as the 2nd longest shore from the entire East Coast of Brazil. According to the Vital statistics, the island has more than 8,000 people, residents, plus the thousands of tourists visiting the territorial area of 252 km2. A lot of green and a lot of tourists who desire to visit this place and go for fishing at this ecologic paradise.


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Information about the island’s infrastructure.


We do not have bank branches here, but an ATM from Bradesco on Av. Beira Mar are avaliable, post office too. Near at the city, in the city of Iguape, 5 minutes from Ilha Comprida has branches of Bradesco, Santander, Caixa Econômica and Banco do Brasil.


The business at Island is growing extraordinarily. It has bars with live music, hamburgers, restaurants for all tastes, supermarkets, bakeries, fishmongers, cellars, pharmacies, furniture stores, clothing, sports, etc …


With a great difference of the years before the inauguration of the Iguape Bridge – Ilha Comprida, the Island has developed a lot in the area of ​​lodging with the collaboration of investors from all over the world bringing innovations in architecture and technology for well being and comfort Of guests. Countless Hotels and Breakfasts are well-prepared to serve the tourist who wants to get rid of the big cities.


Very well equipped to attend first-aid emergencies of any kind located at Av. Candapuí Norte.


Firefighters are also well equipped to attend any emergency to residence or business. Life-guards at the beaches to make sure that our residents and visitors are enjoying our beaches safely.


The ocean gets mixed with the beaches in such a contemplation where the tourist feels so comfortable because the sea waves are calm that it seems it is touching your body little by little, with the combination of the breeze and the sunshine to your skin. The beaches are long and safe before you get to the water, the kids can play and enjoy themselves without their parents worrying about the waves.


The crystal clear sea waves meet with the water from the river creating a ( pororoca ) where many birds and fish are found in abundance.


At that point, two beautiful islands can be visited through a Ferryboat, from Ilha Comprida to Ilha de Cananeia, and vice-versa where you can see the beauty of nature and dolphins jumping right before your eyes.


Cananéia has numerous restaurants of typical foods at good prices and its architecture is beautiful as well as its history, as it is an older city of the state.

Ilha do Cardoso intact beach full of dolphins, beautiful to see.

Caverna do Diabo (Devil’s Cave) at 100 kms from the Island, it’s worth the ride.

Cachoeira do Salto de Biguá (Waterfall), beautiful, transparent a delight place.

The richness of Ilha Comprida is not just the sea, the beach, the sun or the breeze, but YOU too, enjoying all this harmony, peace and tranquility, into nature, forgetting the world outside.